I don’t know what my voice is on Medium

Michael Lamb
1 min readJun 2, 2023

I have enjoyed writing using this platform we know as Medium. I have achieved a similar experience using open source software that I can monetize if I was so motivated, but I opted to trust Medium and its audience instead of commit to the work required to market a business domain to build an audience. It is a good place, but I don’t know how I really fit in here.

I have written about local and national politics but I don’t think I’m very qualified in those arenas. I have tried to consider how to create technical but non-code oriented content but it feels very academic and I doubt that would be accessible. I have written about movies like Midsommar and Parasite but my strategy for these article was literally just recalling the plot beat by beat. I have been honest about my experience as a gay man in Mississippi but I am also not what people always expect a gay man to be.

These things are all very me and yet I find myself having a hard time knowing what to write next on Medium. I guess that’s what this article is about… I’m wondering whether it’s worth continuing to occasionally publish articles here or if I should focus solely on my technical blog at michaellamb.dev.