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Michael Lamb
3 min readFeb 23, 2022

I’ve owned since I became a developer full-time because I knew one day I would be brave enough to learn in public. I am currently a Software Developer II at C Spire, a telecommunications and technology company headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi. A lot of my job at C Spire is reading and writing code but occasionally I get to assist in the creation of technical documents or other technical artifacts through a collaborative knowledge-sharing effort we call C Spire I/O.

I/O is loosely inspired by Google I/O, a technology conference organized by Google. Our audience for I/O is not generally public as sometimes the content we generate is proprietary in nature, contrasted by Google’s I/O being made available for free as a digital experience in 2021.

I mention C Spire I/O because it is a fun and challenging opportunity trying to combine two separate yet interconnected departments at C Spire: Network and IT. Engineers on the Network side enable us to deliver our cell service and fiber internet and help design and expand our footprint. Developers and engineers on the IT side write enterprise software that runs on the network and in some ways can affect network operations, at least from the view of a customer as they experience IT applications to manage their account. During C Spire I/O we get these groups together, share food, and listen to technical presentations designed for and by developers and engineers.