or What to Do with Your Time in College

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Let’s begin with a quote from the old American comedian, W. C. Fields: “A rich man is a poor man with money.” Our roots and our backgrounds are diverse, but at the end of the day we are all facing eternity. Every one of us will stand before the creator…

An adapted chivalric epic

David Lowery approaches filmmaking as poetry and not prose. His films emphasize highly stylized visual language and emotional provocation over other things general audiences prioritize like action or romance. These things are present in his films when the story calls for it but they are put into their time. …

I am no longer a christian

by Mary Ruefle

I think the sirens in The Odyssey sang The Odyssey, for there is nothing more seductive, more terrible, than the story of our own life, the one we do not want to hear and will do anything to listen to.

Faith is believing something to be…

“The cosmos is about the smallest hole a man can hide his head in.” — G. K. Chesterton

What man looks out on the world and thinks he cannot conquer it? A weak man would feel shame at his weakness. The strong man would feel pride at his daring. The wise man would feel nothing at all, and go about living his life instead of dreaming.

He doesn’t…

Michael Lamb

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